Do not hesitate to ask our technicians, who thanks to their professional expertise,

    will be keen to offer you the solution best suited to your needs.

    We offer the following services:

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    • Cleaning high-brow works pressure

    • Washing the hull (dead works)

    • Stripping of shaft lines, propellers, flaps and bases

    • Primary application and antifouling

    • Painting of the propeller

    • Shell polishing and superstructures

    • Resection of the waterline

    • Resumption of scratches or splinters of gel coat or paint

    • Preventive or curative treatment of osmosis

    • Draining the bases or sail drive

    • Replacement of anodes

    • Replacement of hydrolube rings

    • Replacement of the hull valves

    • Revision of the rig

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