Technimarine is approved by the various technical and regulatory control bodies (eg BureauVeritas).

    With our experience of over 20 years and our staff to meet the requirements of our customers,

    we offer the following various and varied services:


    Careening & Painting, Welding / Boilermaking, Carpentry, Mechanical Dieselism and General, Refrigeration Installations, Electricity, Complementary Services, Shipbuilding.

    Fairing & Painting

    • Grounding / Launching / Rigging.
    • Travelift up to 300 tons.
    • Hull cleaning (KARSHER 200 BARS AND 400 BARS).
    • Helix and shaft cleaning.
    • Application of primary and antifouling.
    • Polishing and polishing the hull.
    • Finishing paint.

    Welding / Boilermaking

    Our welders are certified and Bureau Veritas certified in steel and aluminum.

    • Stainless steel / Aluminum / Steel weld (TIG, MIG, MAG, ARC)

    • Stainless steel / Aluminum / Steel piping

    • Hull repair (Steel insert, aluminum)

    • Structural repair of boats after disaster

    • Manufacture of parts / Construction

    • Custom made cutting with water jet and abrasive

    (3000 bar water jet machine up to 15 cm thick according to plan / sketch / image / DXF or XPF file)

    • Bodywork repair on transport vehicles

    Carpentry & Joinery

    • Fiberglass and laminating, coated

    • Resin (Epoxy, Polyester, Composite)

    Gelcoat / Wood / Food Paint

    • Preventive or curative treatment of osmosis

    • Manufacture of parts (Technique or furniture)

    • Structural repair of boats after disaster

    • Making

    • Paint Painting Rollers / Air Gun / Airless

    Mechanical Dieselist

    • Service of your petrol and diesel engine

    • Inboard and outboard engine service

    • Revision (Gas oil filters, Oil, Drainage)

    • Generator repair and maintenance

    • Works on watermaker

    • Work on pumps

    General mechanic

    • Control and Works on line of trees / Propellers / Safran /Crab

    • Control and changes of hydrolubes / Rotating joints / Glands / Seals of sail drive

    • Control and Change Hull / Hull Valves (report edition)

    • Anode control and change

    • Work on hydraulic hose

    • Periodic maintenance of propulsion engines, electro groups.

    Refrigeration Installations

    • Maintenance or intervention of refrigeration systems, air conditioners, heat pumps and cold rooms.

    • Maintenance or intervention on an ice machine.


    • Control and standardization of

    the electrical circuit.
    • Search and diagnosis of electrical

    • Maintenance and repair of electrical

    • Work and installation of electrical

    system on 220V and 380V.

    Additional services

    • Underwater intervention

    • Hardware, Sails, Saddlery, Rigging

    • Machining, turning, milling and hydraulics

    • Leatherworking


    •Fishing boats (poti marara, tuna boats ...) from 10m to 40m (limited to 300 tonnes)

    • Sailboats up to 70 feet

    • Vedettes or pleasure boats ranging from 20 to 70 feet for individuals and professionals

    • Motorized barges or not, transporting goods and / or passengers

    • Pontoons made of steel and aluminum.